The Many Adventures of Miranda Mercury HC named one of “the best OGNs of 2011″ by CBR’s Greg Burgas

Thanks to Greg Burgas of CBR’s Comics Should Be Good blog for naming Time Runs Out one of the best OGNs of 2011. Scroll down to the OGN section of his year-in-review for the full write-up, but here’s an excerpt…

“…as a whole, it’s excellent. Thomas and Ferguson give us Miranda Mercury, the galaxy’s most awesome adventurer, as she zips around rescuing folk and solving mysteries even as she’s afflicted with some strange disease that is killing her. Her companion, Jack, is desperately trying to cure her, but she seems unconcerned. Thomas gives us some wonderful science-fiction action, and as the book goes along, he adds beautiful layers of nuance to Miranda that explains why she doesn’t actively seek a cure. Ferguson’s pop-art sensibilities fit the tone of action! and adventure! that Thomas is going for, but he does a nice job when the book slows down, too. “Time Runs Out” is a marvelous, uplifting comic about the triumph of the human spirit, and we can all use books like that every once in a while.”

Greg was also kind enough to review the book in full earlier this year, and we’re very honored to make the list of one of comics’ premier bloggers and tastemakers…

Do you have your copy yet…?

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