Amazon Ordering Glitch


It’s come to our attention that some people still haven’t received their copies of the book from Amazon, despite having logged pre-orders months ago. It appears that awhile back, when Amazon realized that the release date for the book would be closer to August 31st, and not September 13th as their original listing indicated, they scrapped the entire listing and re-built it from scratch, instead of simply changing the release date. This means that if you pre-ordered the book using that initial listing, your order has likely been trapped somewhere in Amazon limbo and is attached to a “product” that no longer exists.

So if you did pre-order the book and still haven’t received it yet, there’s a good chance this is what happened to your order. Here’s what you do though—sign into your Amazon account, cancel your original order and then re-order the book through the current listing. There’s still about 20 copies in stock, so hopefully this glitch hasn’t effected too many people.

If you’re still having problems finding the book, please drop me a line at and I can help get you in contact with an LCS, who can also get you a copy with potentially much less hassle.

Sorry for the confusion and thanks again for the support.

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